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Should libertarians vote for Trump?

On November 1th, the SOHO forum held an interesting debate between Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine’s editor-in-chief, and Walter Block, a famous Austrian economist and anarchocapitalist. The debate’s topic was if libertarians should vote for Trump or not.

You can listen to the debate here.

Or watch it right here:

The readers know our opinion. No one of us would ever suggest to vote for the Donald. So I must say, that I am totally for „Team Nick“.

I respect Walter Blocks work in economics, but he is a real nutcase. I read his book „Defending the Undefendable“ some years ago. He was absolutely right in attacking the War on Drugs and defending the right of sexworkers to their own business, but in the same book, he also defended blackmail and corruption ?!! That’s batshit insane just like defending „voluntary slave contracts“ (except perhaps if you mean BDSM „slave contracts“ by this, but Walter Block was clearly not talking about roleplay.)

In the debate with Nick, he said at one point:

Somehow mixed marriages are libertarian because in addition to the non-aggression principle, you can’t look down on other races, you can’t be hateful. That’s got nothing to do with libertarianism.

Racism is against everything classical liberals believe in. And though libertarians don’t want to punish racists (for as long as they don’t infringe on the rights of other people), they surely don’t want to be associated with them in any form, even if the racists may theoretically be in favor of a minimal state and even for the non-aggression-principle. MORALITY MATTERS. Character matters. And an open society cannot be defended arm in arm with racists or other completely irrational people, including egomaniac Trump. For fuck’s sake, SANITY MATTERS, REASON MATTERS, Walter.

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