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Should libertarians vote for Trump?

On November 1th, the SOHO forum held an interesting debate between Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine’s editor-in-chief, and Walter Block, a famous Austrian economist and anarchocapitalist. The debate’s topic was if libertarians should vote for Trump or not.


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About the future of libertarianism and a rant against „faux libertarians“

It’s a great debate now in the USA and beyond what libertarianism really means. We see more and more „faux“ libertarians- like for example Clint Eastwood and Peter Thiel- rallying behind Trump and his alt-right fanbase, shouting stupid crap like „All lives matter“ and „Feminism is cancer“. Yet they claim to be the real libertarians. Time to sort this out.


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Presidential elections in the US

As many people worldwide are now talking about the upcoming presidential elections in the US (the american people will vote a president and a vicepresident for the next four years), our three main authors here on „L for Liberty“ will give their own stance on the topic and explain which candidate they’d personally vote for and why.


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