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Should libertarians vote for Trump?

On November 1th, the SOHO forum held an interesting debate between Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine’s editor-in-chief, and Walter Block, a famous Austrian economist and anarchocapitalist. The debate’s topic was if libertarians should vote for Trump or not.



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In defense of Gary Johnson

The last days, I read more and more american libertarians claiming that the Johnson/Weld ticket is not really libertarian/not libertarian enough and that this is reason enough to NOT vote for the ticket. I think, this is a nice concrete example of the Nirvana fallacy. The LP had chosen a moderate classical liberal candidate instead of a minarchist or even an anarcho-capitalist (let’s put aside here, that I am against anarchism for various reasons and that it would be absurd to nominate an anarchist for a state office), so the candidate is not good enough to vote for. WTF ?! Regarding that the two main candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, this is really ludicrous. Of course, if libertarians think so and they rather stay at home or make a „lesser evil“ choice between the donkey’s and the elephant’s nominee, so be it. But nevertheless, I want to make some remarks to the common arguments against Gary.


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Gary Johnson and William Weld in Reno

The two former governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts spoke in Reno (Nevada) before going to Utah.

See for yourself why the LP ticket is better than those of the democrats and the republicans. (The video includes questions asked by the public).

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Presidential elections in the US

As many people worldwide are now talking about the upcoming presidential elections in the US (the american people will vote a president and a vicepresident for the next four years), our three main authors here on „L for Liberty“ will give their own stance on the topic and explain which candidate they’d personally vote for and why.


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Trump, du Opfer!

Laut Donald Trump sei das „big problem“ der Vereinigten Staaten die allinvasive „political correctness“, für die er, wie in den letzten Wochen ja häufig bewiesen, schlicht keine Zeit habe. Mit solchen Aussagen, punktet Trump natürlich gerade bei der „Man wird ja wohl noch sagen dürfen…“-Crowd, über die sich Bloggerkollege JayJay im vorangegangenen Post ausgelassen hat. Selbst ein Multimillionär wie Trump kann sich zeitgeistgerecht als Opfer positionieren, er spricht für all diejenigen, die das Gefühl haben, dass man ihnen den Mund verbieten will. Weiterlesen

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A thought on Saturday

One question especially conservatives should always ask themselves at sociopolitical matters like gay marriage: was something taken away from you? No? If not, why do you complain? Because you lost a privilege? Extending rights to more persons is NO LOSS for you, rather a cementation of the right as such.

Personally, as a classical liberal, I was always in favor of gay marriage and I endorse many other ideas towards a more tolerant, open, free society. I am a white, heterosexual cisgender male, but I know that rights are for everyone: people of color, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, females etc. I also know transgender and sexworkers, who are very angry at many gay marriage activists, because those activists didn’t want to work together for other topics. The same like TERFS and SWERFS try to dominate feminism today and exclude people they think don’t deserve rights out of sheer ideological bullshitness. I understand the anger of those people, but hey, let’s be better than those idiots and let’s celebrate today, while fighting no less for other socially libertarian topics.

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Shame on you, Mister Obama!

Ich hab Bush junior nie wirklich gemocht. Ich war froh, als seine Amtszeit vorbei war. Die Gründe hierfür sind mannigfaltig und können u.a hier nachgelesen werden. Aber ich bin mittlerweile- vielleicht zum Erschrecken mancher unserer Leser- der Meinung, dass ich mindestens genauso froh sein werde, wenn auch sein Nachfolger endlich die Macht abgibt.


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Popkultur und Freiheit (VII): Spec Ops: The Line

Videospiele sind Teil der Populärkultur. Und wie bei Film und Fernsehen verwundert es daher nicht, dass sich die Entwickler mittlerweile auch an ernstere Themen wagen.

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The last presidential debate

… was organized yesterday evening by Russia Today. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein go head-to-head over foreign policy and other issues.

You can watch it here:


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Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Lincoln ftw.

Und wer ernstere Analysen zu den US-Wahlen auf luxemburgisch haben möchte, kann beim Oppenen Bréif vorbeischauen.

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