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About the future of libertarianism and a rant against „faux libertarians“

It’s a great debate now in the USA and beyond what libertarianism really means. We see more and more „faux“ libertarians- like for example Clint Eastwood and Peter Thiel- rallying behind Trump and his alt-right fanbase, shouting stupid crap like „All lives matter“ and „Feminism is cancer“. Yet they claim to be the real libertarians. Time to sort this out.


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L’interdiction du burkini en France, quelques courtes réflexions

La mairie de Nice a interdit le burkini sur la plage. Autrefois, les femmes ont été punies pour être trop sexy sur la plage, aujourd’hui on veut les punir pour être trop vêtu. Times are a-changing, mais ce qui ne semble changer jamais, c’est que l’État/la société veulent régler le style vestimentaire des femmes, les „protéger“ et les „sauver“ contre leur propre gré (très intéressant que „sauver“ signifie maintenant „leur donner une amende“ ?!) et leur dicter ce qu’elles peuvent faire avec leur propre corps. Il faut arrêter cela. Chaque femme a le droit de vêtir ce qu’elle veut, il faut respecter ses choix individuels et les voir comme adultes libres et non pas comme des enfants à régimenter.


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In defense of Gary Johnson

The last days, I read more and more american libertarians claiming that the Johnson/Weld ticket is not really libertarian/not libertarian enough and that this is reason enough to NOT vote for the ticket. I think, this is a nice concrete example of the Nirvana fallacy. The LP had chosen a moderate classical liberal candidate instead of a minarchist or even an anarcho-capitalist (let’s put aside here, that I am against anarchism for various reasons and that it would be absurd to nominate an anarchist for a state office), so the candidate is not good enough to vote for. WTF ?! Regarding that the two main candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, this is really ludicrous. Of course, if libertarians think so and they rather stay at home or make a „lesser evil“ choice between the donkey’s and the elephant’s nominee, so be it. But nevertheless, I want to make some remarks to the common arguments against Gary.


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Gary Johnson and William Weld in Reno

The two former governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts spoke in Reno (Nevada) before going to Utah.

See for yourself why the LP ticket is better than those of the democrats and the republicans. (The video includes questions asked by the public).

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