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Comfort the young people!

On Monday, I’ve seen Greta Thunberg’s speech. Some days ago, I saw a little girl on Twitter crying tears in utter fear of the „end of the world“. That went to my heart. It’s not right what we are doing to young people. Especially to children. Such fears can be very traumatic. I remember myself as a little boy being in fear of playing in the grass because I thought it’s poisoned by rain from Tschernobyl.

I feel the dire need to tell all worried young people out there: „You will be alright. We will be alright. Even decades from now on. It’s part of the human condition to face environmental problems and all other kinds of problems all the time. But we are able to solve them because we are human beings, rational animals, we have science and technology and goodwill. We did so in the past. We will cope with climate changes, too. We will find alternatives to plastic and fossil fuels, we will decrease pollution, we will plant more trees… Just don’t expect sudden Nirvana. It’s a constant battle, it’s part of human life to have problems, to solve those and to get new problems. Live your life to the fullest and don’t fear for the future!“

To the politicians, my fellow colleagues, I say: „It’s our job to set a legal framework in our respective country. It’s an essential role for any government to make laws preserving the environment in general and tackling climate change in particular. Let’s show the young people we are acting, but you need to make rational proposals. Personally, I disagree with many ideas of the FFF-demonstrators (who demand a socialist economy), but so I need to persuade them that maybe other solutions, more in accordance with free market principles, are preferable, that they will work better, especially when it comes to the acceptance and cooperation of the general population, who doesn’t want to give up their current lifestyle. Let’s emphasize more on chances given by technological progress, which includes many developments, also but not only in renewable energy sources. For example, one day, we may not need to kill animals anymore for meat. There will be artificial meat created by tissue engineering, so humanity will need far less space for cattle and fodder production. Instead of condemning genetic engineering, we should embrace its possibilities to change agriculture for the better by reducing or even completely eliminating the use of pesticides. Which surprises will R&D around the globe bring us in the future, in fields like mobility (public transportation will become faster and faster), nanotechnology, nuclear fusion, quantum computing, artificial intelligence to name a few? Developments in such fields will surely help environmentalism. Let’s be more optimistic again. Optimism kills fear. And that’s good. Fear is never a good advisor. It destroys lives or at least childhoods and it steals your dreams, which is totally unacceptable. Of course, revolutionary technological changes will need changes in politics as well. We may need another- also more ecological and less on human beings‘ salaries focused- taxation system, we may need more schemes to internalize external costs caused by enterprises (like it is already the case with emissions trading), we may need new laws to protect personal data… A lot of work is ahead of us, but we should all rejoice. We live in very interesting times and I am eager to see which astonishing developments the future will still hold for us. Let’s go to work and let’s hug the kids and teenagers demonstrating on the streets. Don’t attack them like some conservatives and libertarians have sadly done. Let’s hug and comfort them. There will be a bright future ahead for us all.“

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