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A thought on Saturday

One question especially conservatives should always ask themselves at sociopolitical matters like gay marriage: was something taken away from you? No? If not, why do you complain? Because you lost a privilege? Extending rights to more persons is NO LOSS for you, rather a cementation of the right as such.

Personally, as a classical liberal, I was always in favor of gay marriage and I endorse many other ideas towards a more tolerant, open, free society. I am a white, heterosexual cisgender male, but I know that rights are for everyone: people of color, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, females etc. I also know transgender and sexworkers, who are very angry at many gay marriage activists, because those activists didn’t want to work together for other topics. The same like TERFS and SWERFS try to dominate feminism today and exclude people they think don’t deserve rights out of sheer ideological bullshitness. I understand the anger of those people, but hey, let’s be better than those idiots and let’s celebrate today, while fighting no less for other socially libertarian topics.

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