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Hjernevask – norwegian for „Brainwash“. Under this name, a TV documentary (in seven parts) was shown on norwegian TV, which contrasted strictly cultural determinist models of human behavior (like for example the gender theories) with nature-nurture interactionist perspectives. It ignited a wide public discussion on the subject of nature versus nurture, which is of course a great debate since the beginning of science. Responsible for this documentary was Harald Eia, who is a professional comedian, but also a sociologist.

Until now, I only watched half of the episodes, but I find it already very interesting and fascinating. Personally, I think that to understand the human species, you need social sciences AND natural sciences alike. You need both. But I was pretty shocked, especially in the first episode about gender equality, how the alleged social „scientists“ didn´t want to accept the findings of the natural scientists. It seems as if they want to believe what they think what should be right, which is not the behaviour of real scientists, but of religious ideologues. This episode apparently even led to a debate in Norway whether to cut government money for gender studies.

I deeply encourage all our readers to watch the seven parts of the documentary (in norwegian language, but with english subtitles) and to make their own judgment about it.

Episode One: The gender equality paradoxon

(I was especially astounished by the findings of Dr.Cohen.)

The other episodes:

2. The parental effect
3. Gay or Straight?
4. Violence
5. Sex
6. Race
7. Nature vs. nurture

(Thanks to Dr.Tom Weidig for those videos.)

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  1. So homosexuality is learned behaviour too now? lol

    Kommentar von Grommel | Februar 24, 2013

  2. @Grommel: Yes, this man gave me a good laugh, too. I guess you are talking about this gay man, who said he thinks he´s gay because he always wanted to be different and who said, you could become gay if you want to.

    I want to become gay (sometimes!), but the wish doesn´t make it so 😀

    Kommentar von CK | Februar 24, 2013

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